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California Naturalist Spring of 2019


Embark on a ten-week learning adventure where you will dive deep into the rich natural history of California during Sierra Streams’ Spring 2019 California Naturalist course.

The UC California Naturalist Program ignites excitement and curiosity around California’s natural wonders. It engages the public in study and stewardship of the land and leaves graduates ready to make a difference in their communities.

“The California Naturalist Program will allow Californians to help protect and preserve our unique and diverse wildlife, habitats, river, lakes and coastal resources, wild and urban alike.” – UC California Naturalist

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“I look at nature with a totally different eye.” — Steve Roddy

“Your program is growing and bringing an enthusiastic group of citizen scientists into the daylight.” — Bill Jensen

“I am inspired to observe and observe some more.” — Iden Bromfield

Register HERE!

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